Was Your Breaker Panel Made by Federal Pacific Electric Company?

If so, contact our electrical panel upgrade service in Peyton & Falcon, CO

Between the 1950s and '80s, Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) electrical panels were installed in homes throughout Colorado. Many homeowners are now scheduling electrical panel upgrade & electrical system maintenance due to safety concerns in Peyton and Falcon, CO.

If your home has an FPE breaker or fuse box, contact Native Electrical Contractors right away for electrical panel upgrade service. We'll replace your hazardous electrical panel with a newer, safer model.

Reliable Electrical Maintenance in Peyton & Falcon, CO

Get an inside look into your electrical system

We do more than just perform electrical system maintenance. We'll also let you know...

  • How long worn components will last
  • Where your electrical system could use improvement
  • How you can make your electrical system run more efficiently

We're Colorado natives with a passion for meeting the electrical needs of residents in and around Peyton and Falcon, CO. Call 719-329-8385 now to schedule electrical system maintenance services.

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